ALIMA in figures

ALIMA was created in May 2009

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[hl-theme] 15 [/hl-theme] Projects

In 2013, ALIMA ran 15 projects in six countries, with a focus on  malnutrition, infant mortality, and epidemics (cholera, malaria, and measles).

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[hl-theme] 560,000 [/hl-theme] Patients

In 2013, ALIMA treated 90,000 children for severe malnutrition and 200,000 children for malaria. Its teams conducted 240,000 pediatric consultations, and hospitalized 10,000 children under the age of five.

In 2012, ALIMA treated 6,500 patients with cholera.

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[hl-theme] 4 [/hl-theme]  Research Projects

– Etude Treatfood: (Burkina Faso)

– Etude MUAC: Mothers Understand and Can Do It–Empowering mothers to use the Mid-Upper Arm Circumference bracelet for diagnosing malnutrition (Niger)

– Etude SuTra²: Follow up and treatment of injuries during influx of mass trauma in difficult contexts (Haiti)  

– Recherches opérationnelles en nutrition: A study of the utilisation and acceptability of Ready to Use Supplemental Food and the documentation of the nutritional profile of children under age 5 (Democratic Republic of Congo).

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[hl-theme] 5 [/hl-theme]  National Partners

In 2013, ALIMA worked with five national partners: Alerte Santé (Health Alert) in Chad; AMCP (Malian Alliance to Combat Malaria) in Mali; BEFEN (Wellbeing of Women and Children) in Niger; and the Keoogo consortium (a children’s charity) and SOS Médecins (SOS Doctors) in Burkina Faso.

In addition, ALIMA works with Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF), Solidarités Internationales, ACTED, Terre des hommes, and the University of Copenhagen.

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[hl-theme] 1,000 [/hl-theme]  Staffing

The majority of ALIMA’s 1,000 staff members are hired in-country, in keeping with ALIMA’s commitment to strengthening the medical training and capacity of local personnel. They are joined by an additional 104 international staff, including 30 in Senegal and France.

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[hl-theme] 5% [/hl-theme]  Administration Costs

In 2013, Alima’s budget was 15.3 million Euros ($19.5 million). The percentage spent on administrative costs was 5.2%, with 94.8% devoted to programs.